Seminole Indian Legends

Seminole Indian Legends


  • Seminole Indian Legends

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  • published 1940


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(God) scattered seeds about him. After some time, human fingers began
springing from the soil, and, following the fingers, came the bodies.
Soon, the people emerged from the ground and began walking about.
When they went to the river to bathe off the dirt, some of them remained
in the water too long and became white and weak. They were the white
race. Others stayed in the water the right length of time, becoming
strong and courageous. These people comprise the red race. Still others
did not bathe at all, and they form the Negro race.

Another Seminole story is that the Son of God came many, many
years ago and inhabited the southernmost part of Florida. When he
arrived he was carried on the shoulders of three braves, scattering coontie
seeds all over the peninsula. The coontie, or sage palm, is "a gift from
God," according to their belief. (2)


Fire is one of the most sacred of all things to the Florida
Seminoles. They tell a strange legend of how the secret of fire came into
their possession.

Many, many moons ago there was only one Indian tribe that
knew the secret of fire. The other Indian tribes tried ceaselessly to learn
the secret. Each year when the Green Corn Dance was held, the Indians
danced around a circle of fire. Indians from