Seminole Indian Legends

Seminole Indian Legends


  • Seminole Indian Legends

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  • published 1940


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After a time, he saw some big deer tracks, all leading southward. He
followed the trail, and finally came to the end. Deep in a jungle-like
forest were two lodges, a large one and a small one, but the trail led to
the large one. As he stood at the door, wondering if this was the place
about which his grandmother had warned him, a man's gruff voice spoke
from within the lodge. "My dear friend, do not stand outside wondering
if it would not be safe to come in. Come right in, my friend, nothing will
hurt you. I am home alone."

Chok-fee entered and sat down near the door. The old man sat at
the other end of the lodge, covered so that his head was hidden. Chok-
fee was hungry, so the old man ordered food for him. When he had
finished eating, he asked the man if there was anything he could do for
him, in return for the food. The old man told him to go to bed, and on
the morrow he would tell him why he had come to this place.

When Chok-fee awoke the next morning, the sun was rising. The
man still had not uncovered his head. He spoke to Chok-fee, "My friend,
I am the one who made you come here. Your grandmother was right in
telling you not to come, but I made you come here, because I need your
help. This is the last day." So saying, the man removed the cover, and
Chok-fee observed that he had no head: