Seminole Indian Legends

Seminole Indian Legends


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  • published 1940


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a good warrior and hunter. To accomplish this, he must be able to shoot
straight and be a swift runner. Chok-fee grew to be a tall man and was the
swiftest runner and best marksman in his tribe.

When Chok-fee was young grandmother would not allow him to
hunt far from home, but as he grew older he ventured farther and farther
into the forest. One morning, as he sat eating breakfast, his grandmother
said to him, "now, my dear grandson, you are a grown man and you are
going to be covering more and more territory in your hunting trips. That
is very good, but, Chok-fee, my grandson, be careful that in wondering
through the great forest you do not go two days' journey towards the
south. I am warning you, my grandson, you must not go that way. If
you do great misfortune will befall you and you may never come back.
When you go hunting, you must go east, north or west. There are many
deer and turkeys there, but do not go south."

After finishing his breakfast, Chok-fee secured his bows and
arrows and started out. As he traveled, he wondered why his
grandmother had told him not to travel south. The farther he traveled,
the more curious be became, until finally he decided to do what his
grandmother had warned him not to do. He traveled southward all day,
not killing any game, although there were numerous deer and turkeys.
The next morning he continued his trip to the south.