Seminole Indian Legends

Seminole Indian Legends


  • Seminole Indian Legends

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  • published 1940


[page 15]
When you kill him, you must pick me up and hurry me home because
after mid-day I will not live, if I don't get back.

Just at this moment the Unga flew toward Chok-fee still carrying
the head. As the bird sweeped down, Chok-fee took a shot at him but
missed. The bird did this three times and each time Chok-fee shot but
always missed. On the third time the bird came so near Chok-fee that he
was knocked down by the Unga's wings. As the bird attacked him the
fourth time, Chok-fee's fourth arrow, pierced the Unga's heart, and it
fell dead to the ground.

Picking up the head, which the bird had dropped near by [sic],
Chok-fee ran for the lodge, as it was very near mid-day. In order to save
time, he threw the head to the man, as he came near the door. The man
caught it and placed it on his shoulders, one minute before mid-day.

"Well done," said the man, and invited Chok-fee into the lodge.
"My friend," he said, "you have saved my life and saved your people by
killing the bad bird, and for your reward everything that belongs to me is
yours, but, my friend, do not enter that other lodge for four days after I
leave. My beautiful daughter lives there and she is going to be your wife.
That is part of your reward for your brave deed, but remember what I say.
If you do not look inside for four days after I leave, you will accomplish
a lot for your people. You will never have to hunt. You will never