Seminole Indian Legends

Seminole Indian Legends


  • Seminole Indian Legends

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  • published 1940


[page 14]
The man explained to Chok-fee that four days ago, an Unga, a
very large bird with a face like a man, came and cut off his head. When
Chok-fee asked why, the man said that the Unga wanted to marry his
daughter, Wah-see-get, and when he refused his permission, the Unga
cut off his head. If, at the end of the fourth day, the man had not
changed his mind, he would not live any more and the Unga would take
his daughter away.

When Chok-fee offered to help, the man told him to go to the big
cypress tree that almost touched the sky, and there he would find the
Unga. Chok-fee must kill the Unga by shooting him in the heart, and
bring the man's head back to him by mid-day. Otherwise, the man
would die. Chok-fee took his bow and arrows and followed the
directions the old man had given him. Just before noon, he reached the
tall cypress tree and found the Unga holding the man's head in his
hands. The head had beautiful red hair.

There were two birds, and one of them flew towards Chok-fee,
dropping a big snake which failed to hit him. Chok-fee shot it down
and, as he did so, the other bird flew at him. Again Chok-fee shot, with
the same result.

At this time the head spoke and said, "You have done well, my
friend, but you have to kill the Unga when he flies to attack or else both
of us will die. He will not let me go unless you kill him. And you must
hit him in the heart if you want to kill him.