Seminole Indian Legends

Seminole Indian Legends


  • Seminole Indian Legends

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  • published 1940


[page 16]
go hungry and you will have everything you want by just wishing for it.
All the deer in the land are yours now. They all belong to you and that is
the reason the deer trail leads to this lodge."

The man prepared to go, dressing himself in red and carrying a
red bow and arrow. Again warning the boy not to go to the other lodge
for four days, he walked skyward. He went higher and higher until there
was nothing but a red spot in the sky. Even to this day it can be seen,
the only red star in the sky. It is the Indian with the beautiful red hair.

Curiosity overcame Chok-fee and, at the end of the third day, he
peeped into the small lodge. There he saw a beautiful girl dressed in
white doeskin. He entered and stood staring at her. The light became
brighter and brighter, until he was blinded by it. When he could see
again, there was no sign of the lodge, only a vast swamp-land. The girl
had risen to the sky in the blinding light and had become the bright
morning star.

If Chok-fee had waited four days to enter the lodge, as the
legend goes, to this day the Indians would have everything they want,
only by wishing for it. Instead, they have to walk miles and miles to get
deer to eat. (3)