Seminole Indian Legends

Seminole Indian Legends


  • Seminole Indian Legends

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  • published 1940


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what to do with it, so the Great Father revealed to them the way to open
the box with the key. In the box were tools with which boats could be

The white people were afraid of the Great Father because he
knew so much, and wanted to kill him. After searching the forests and
waters, they finally captured and tortured him. But the Great Father
would not die. He told his friends, the Indians, to send a blind man to
him. When the blind man came, the white people placed a block of
wood on the Great Father's Adam's apple, at his own direction. The
Great Father then told the blind man to hit the block, which he did, the
blood spattering all over him. As the blood touched his eyes, the blind
man could see and the first thing he saw was that the blow had killed the
Great Father.

Covering the body, the people kept watch to see that the Great
Father did not leave. The Great Father had always told time by the bark
of his dog and his rooster's crowing. Now dog and the rooster sat by the
Great Father's body and watched with the people. One day he just rose
up before the people's eyes and left the earth, taking the dog and rooster
with him to the sky. (1) Thus the world was created.


The Seminole Indians tell another story of creation. A long, long
time ago, in a rich valley bordering on a river, Eshscketomissee