Seminole Indian Legends

Seminole Indian Legends


  • Seminole Indian Legends

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  • published 1940


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before the Great Father put people on the earth, some of them did not
get along very well together. The smart, quick rabbit was worried so
much by the slow, stupid alligator that he decided to kill him. Every
time the rabbit saw him lying in the grass placidly sunning himself, he set
fire to it, but each time the alligator succeeded in reaching the water
before the fire could touch him.

One day the rabbit decided he would have to find some other
way of killing the worrisome alligator. But he did not know where to
strike to kill him. However, the rabbit was cunning so he pretended to be
friendly and finally got the alligator's confidence. Through trickery and
clever questioning, he made the stupid alligator admit that he could be
killed by a blow in the middle of the back. The wise rabbit picked up a
large stick and hit the big reptile hard on the back. The alligator took a
deep breath and died. (1)


But not all of the interesting legends are about animals. The origin
of the stars and marvelous feats of birds are subjects of stories often told
to children by aged and venerated elders of the tribe. Chok-fee, an Indian
lad, lived with his grandmother in a great cypress forest. Chok-fee spent a
great deal of his time hunting and making good, straight arrows. When he
was a little boy his grandmother told him that a young man's part in life
was to be