Seminole Indian Legends

Seminole Indian Legends


  • Seminole Indian Legends

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  • published 1940


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The girls begged and begged the boy to give back their clothes, but he
would not. They offered him money, cattle, anything if he would return
their clothes. One girl offered to become his wife. He agreed and gave
back the clothes. The girl told him that her father was a very mean man,
but she would try to get him to let the boy stay if he went home with her.
When she told her father, he instructed her to bring the boy before him.

The father did not seem angry and was very nice to the boy. The
next day he decided to test him to learn if he was a fit man for his
daughter. He took the boy to a steep hill and commanded him to flatten
it. The boy knew he could not so he went to his wife-to-be. She had
great power but her father did not know it. When the boy told her of her
father's request, she said, "Come with me." She stretched out her hands
when they arrived at the hill, and it immediately became flat.

The father could not believe that this was true until he looked at
the hill. He was much pleased, but he decided to put the boy to another
test before allowing him to marry his daughter. Many, many moons ago,
the old man said, he had lost a ring in the creek and could not find it. If
the boy could get it for him, he would consent to his marriage with any
of the daughters, also he would receive much gold, land, and cattle.

The boy told the girl of her father's second desire, and she
promised to help again. She said he must kill her, cut her in tiny