First Baptist Church of Eustis

  • Demonination: Southern Baptist Convention
  • Pastor: John Hay
  • Race/Ethnicity: White
  • County: Lake
  • City: Eustis
  • Date: 1919

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First Baptist Church of Eustis

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23. Records of auxiliary church organizations (give name of organization, actual title of record in quotation marks, or assigned title in parentheses, dates by years, number of volumes or file boxes, description of contents, location, condition, i.e. good, fair, for each record kept by each organization):

(a) Sunday School. See 12-13 H.R. Form. Item 22(c).

(b) Woman’s Missionary Society. See 12-13 H.R. Form.

24. List here all auxiliary organizations of the church not given in Item 23, even though they do not keep records:

Senior, Intermediate, & Junior B.Y.P.U. No records except for attendance. The Story Hour.

25. Care of records. (Church’s policy, if any, of transferring records to a central depository of church or denomination with name and location of the depository. Information on destruction or loss of records, if known):

“Minutes” kept in home of church clerk, J. Earl Myers, 431 Palm Ave., Eustis.

“Financial Records” in home of R.N. Moore, Treasurer, Prescott Street near Orange Ave., Eustis.

“Sunday School Records” in church Orange Ave. & Prescott Street.

“Woman’s Missionary Society” at home of Mrs. W.B. Merk, 620 Orange Ave., Eustis.

26. List here the persons from whom you obtain information for this form. Give the official title of each person. Summarize by number the items answered by each person.

Name: John L. Jones
Title: Deacon.
Item Numbers: 3, 6-12, 20.

Name: Rev. John Hay
Title: Pastor
Item Numbers: 1-8, 18, 19(c)

Name: Earl Myers
Title: Church Clerk
Item Numbers: 9-19(a-b), 22, 25

Name: R.N. Moore
Title: Church Treasurer
Item Numbers: 22(c), 22-24

Name: Mrs. W.B. Merk
Title: Secretary, Treasurer, Woman’s Missionary Society
Item Numbers: 23 (b)