First Baptist Church of Eustis

  • Demonination: Southern Baptist Convention
  • Pastor: John Hay
  • Race/Ethnicity: White
  • County: Lake
  • City: Eustis
  • Date: 1919

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First Baptist Church of Eustis

Editor's Note

On many of the scans, text appears to bleed through from the reverse page as survey workers often used recycled paper printed on one side with unrelated material. Users should be aware that the bleed-through is not a missing page.


WPA Form 20 HR FLORIDA Revision (Continued)
Sheet 2 of 2 sheets

Worker’s Full Name: Mrs. Grace T. Davis
Date: Sept. 18, 1939

County: Lake
City or Town: In Eustis

Exact name of church: First Baptist Church of Eustis

Address or location of church: Orange Ave. & Prescott Street

Present Clergyman: Rev. John Hay

22. Church records (Have you tried to locate records as of date of church organization in Item 9? Make statements under a, b, c, and d concerning this. Give under, a, b, c, and d, actual title in quotation marks or assigned title in parentheses, dates by years, number of volumes or file boxes, description of contents, locations, condition, i.e., good, fair, poor, for each record kept.)

(a.) Minutes:

“Minutes”. See 12-13 H.R. Form.

For what body, (vestry, board of deacons or stewards, etc. or entire congregation) are minutes kept: Local church body.

(b.) Register books—baptisms, confirmations births, deaths, etc.:

In “Minutes”. See 12-13 H.R. Form.

(c.) Financial records—if separate from (a):

The bulletin system is used for reporting once each month and field for record one copy in home of Earl Myers, Church Clerk, 431 Palm Ave., Eustis and one in home of R.N. Moon, Church Treasurer, Prescott Street near Orange, Eustis. See 12-13 H.R. Form.

(d.) Other church records, exclusive of items 21 (a), (b) and (c) and Item 22: None