First Baptist Church of Eustis

  • Demonination: Southern Baptist Convention
  • Pastor: John Hay
  • Race/Ethnicity: White
  • County: Lake
  • City: Eustis
  • Date: 1919

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First Baptist Church of Eustis

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16. (a) Date present building erected: 1885

(b) Date dedicated by this church: No

(c) Date consecrated by this church: No

(d) If unable to give (b) or (c), give date of first service of this church in building: 1920

(e) If this building remodeled, give date: No

(f) Give dates of any additions: 1920 an entry porch with 2 large pillars.

17. (a) Description, architecture (if any definite style), material used, color, form of building, (square, T-shaped, etc.):

7 Feet shaped, large building painted white with no large pillars belfry.

(b) Special features, as cornerstone, art glass or memorial windows, bell, pipe organ, famous paintings, alter service, etc.:


18. Official title clergyman (rector, priest-in-charge, pastor, etc.): Pastor

19. a. First settled clergyman: Rev. W.T. Dart
Dates of tenure: Sept. 1919-1920
Education: Unknown

b. Earliest known clergyman (If item a is uncontainable): See 19(a)
Dates of tenure: See 19 (a)
Education: See 19 (a)

c. Present clergyman: (or last clergyman of a defunct church): Rev. John Hay
Dates of tenure: 1938--
Address: Orange Ave. and Exeter Street, Eustis, Fla.
Education: Note: The following information was hard to read and to transcribe. Glasgow Bible College, Shawlands Academy, Glascow, Scottland. 20 years with Sudan Interior Mission, Niagara, W. Africa. Translated scripture into Tapori, Deputy Field Director of Kista Station.

20. Unpublished historical sketches (author, title, period covered, date written, location, -- note if written in one of church record books):

The following information was hard to read and to transcribe. A short historical sketch from organization 1919 to 1931was written by Dr. Warren Dostchand published in Minutes of Lake Co. Association. Copy in church at Orange Ave. & Prescott Street and home of Earl Myers, 431 Palm Ave.

21. Published histories, historical sketches, or directories, (author, title, published, place and date of publication, number of pages, location.): None