First Baptist Church of Eustis

  • Demonination: Southern Baptist Convention
  • Pastor: John Hay
  • Race/Ethnicity: White
  • County: Lake
  • City: Eustis
  • Established: 1919

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First Baptist Church of Eustis

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6. Contents—continued:

7. Arrangement: (Chronologically—by what? Numerically—by what? Alphabetically—by what?): Chronologically by dates of meetings.

8. Indexing: (Self-contained-described what it shows. If separate, full out a form for it, and place cross reference here to that form by title and identification number): None

9. Writing: (Handwritten. Handwritten printed form. Handwritten printed head. Typed. Typed printed form. Typed printed head, Printed. Photostat. Other. Give months and years covered by each kind of writing): Handwritten

10. Size: (of record or container. Height, width, thickness or depth.): 5 X 6 X 12
Average number of pages or documents):

11. Location by dates and quantities: (Room, vault, mail—N.E.S.W. section, bin, shelf, cabinet, or floor):

6 file boxes, 1934--. In church, corner of orange Avenue and Prescott Street, Eustis.

12. Other information: (Condition of record if not good. Relation to other records. Information on prior, subsequent, or similar records. Whether record is known to have been kept earlier than dates shown in Item 2):

Condition of records, good.

13. (For use in Florida.) Early imprints: None
Place of publication:
Date of publication: