Plymouth Congregational Church of Coconut Grove

  • Demonination: Congregational
  • Pastor: J. Delman Kuykendall
  • Race/Ethnicity: White
  • County: Dade
  • City: Miami
  • Date: 1897

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Plymouth Congregational Church of Coconut Grove

Editor's Note

On many of the scans, text appears to bleed through from the reverse page as survey workers often used recycled paper printed on one side with unrelated material. Users should be aware that the bleed-through is not a missing page.


Workerís Full Name: Herman A. Sack
Date: 2/5/41
Form Identification Number:

The Florida Historical Records Survey


[added note] Item 22 (a2) [end note]

County: Dade
Agency or office: Plymouth Congregational Church
Address: 3429 Devon Rd., Miami.

1. Title: (Give present full title in quotes; assigned title, if any in brackets. If record has had other titles, list them with dates and quantities): (Minutes of Board of Trustees)

2. Dates: (Earliest and latest dates missing dates. Show exact date of breaks): 1928--

3. Quantity: (Number of volumes; file drawers, file boxes, bundles, other): 1 volume

4. Labeling: (Explain fully; years, numbers, letters; number of records so labeled): None

5. Discontinued and missing records: (If record discontinued, give reason and state whether same information shown in another record. Explain why records are missing, if possible): None

6. Contents: (Purpose and general nature of record. Principal items of information shown. Summary of forms used in making record, their headings, etc. If a very general miscellaneous record, detailed information as to types of records contained and dates covered by each should be given. Unless contents of these records are described by other Forms 12-13HR, such forms should be filled out and attached):

Record of Board. Date of meetings, ministerís letters, annual reports of active bodies such as Sunday School, Young People Society and Treasurerís report.