Plymouth Congregational Church of Coconut Grove

  • Demonination: Congregational
  • Pastor: J. Delman Kuykendall
  • Race/Ethnicity: White
  • County: Dade
  • City: Miami
  • Date: 1897

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Plymouth Congregational Church of Coconut Grove

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23. Records of auxiliary church organizations (give name of organization, actual title of record in quotation marks, or assigned title in parentheses, dates by years, number of volumes or file boxes, description of contents, location, condition, i.e. good, fair, for each record kept by each organization):

Note: James Bolton mentioned as first pastor was a Methodist preacher who lived in Coconut Grove and was assigned in Dec. 1925 by the Southern Methodist Conference to take charge of their work around Biscayne Bay Methodist Conference to take charge of their work around Biscayne Bay known as Biscayne Mission. At that time the work consisted of the church at lemon City (Now Grace) one yet unformed at Miami (becoming Trinity in 1898) and the church at Southern Methodist Church at Coconut Grove. This church goes back behind the organization of Plymouth, and became defunct about 1913, but the building is still in existence and is used a residence. Commodore R.M. Monroe presented the ground for a Union Chapel in Coconut Grove with the understanding that it should be used by whatever denomination should accept it. Mr. Bolton suggested that the Congregational Board of Missions would be in a position the matter was taken up with the Board and the church became affiliated with the Congregationalist. Bolton became its first pastor, as indicated, and also became the pastor of the Union Church, Congregationalist, in Miami, which is now defunct.

24. List here all auxiliary organizations of the church not given in Item 23, even though they do not keep records: Note: It is the belief of this worker that the Southern Methodists were in this territory with an established church before the Congregationalists over arrived. There was a Southern Methodist Church in Coconut Grove in 1895, and in 1897 it bought property and in 1913 disposed of it.

25. Care of records. (Church’s policy, if any, of transferring records to a central depository of church or denomination with name and location of the depository. Information on destruction or loss of records, if known):

26. List here the persons from whom you obtain information for this form. Give the official title of each person. Summarize by number the items answered by each person.

Name: John L. Jones
Title: Deacon.
Item Numbers: 3, 6, 12, 20.

The sketches mentioned in Item 21 are important for this church. According to the pastor the records were destroyed in 1925 in a hurricane and these newspaper articles may be great value.