Plymouth Congregational Church of Coconut Grove

  • Denomination: Congregational
  • Pastor: J. Delman Kuykendall
  • Race/Ethnicity: White
  • County: Dade
  • City: Miami
  • Established: 1897

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Plymouth Congregational Church of Coconut Grove

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PLYMOUTH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH OF COCONT GROVE, 1897--. (Union Congregational Church, 1897-c1916.) Main Highway & Devon Rd., Miami, Dade County.

Constituted, 1897. First services, in Union Chapel, (date and location unknown); frame structure, c1900; present Spanish style; native coral rock, natural color, with cloisters and comb, the interior wood work and furnishes imported in its entirety imported from Plymouth English, the front door, a three century old Basque door imported from a building in the Pyrenees Mountains, pipe organ, completed and dedicated in 1917. Present membership ____. Active organizations, Sunday School, Woman’s Home Missionary Federation, Young People’s Soc.

First pastor, Rev. James Bolton, 1897-1900. Present pastor, Rev. J. Delman Kuykendall, 1921--, 3429 Devon Rd., Miami. Degrees, D.D., granted by Atlanta Theological Seminary, Atlanta, Ga. And Vanderbilt School of Religion, Nashville, Tenn. See sketches "It keeps me chiming", Christian Herald, March, 1934, located in Coconut Grove Library and Coconut Church ahs grown