Florida in the Civil War

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  • Call and Brevard Family Papers
    Richard Keith Call was territorial governor of Florida from 1835-1840 and again from 1841-1844. He expressed his pro-slavery and pro-Union views in letters and publications.
  • Confederate Pension Applications
    The first Confederate pensions in Florida were authorized in 1885 and granted to veterans the sum of $5.00 per month.
  • Florida's Early Constitutions
    This collection documents the evolution of Florida's political framework before and after the Civil War.
  • The Jefferson County Freedmen's Contracts
    The Freedmen's Bureau, established in 1865 by the United States government to assist former slaves through the difficulties attending the end of the Civil War, helped landowners and laborers write these contracts, and filed them in the county's records.
  • McLeod Diary
    William McLeod’s diary describes his experiences as a Confederate soldier in the Civil War from June 1864 through January 1865.
  • Milton Letterbook
    This collection consists of the first of Governor John Milton’s two letterbooks, covering the years 1861 to 1863.
  • Old Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Home
    This collection consists of applications for admission to the Florida Old Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Home.
  • Voter Registration Rolls, 1867-68
    These records list individuals who registered to vote in the State of Florida in 1867 and 1868. The lists are unique in that they are the first voter rolls in Florida to systematically include African-Americans.
  • A Guide to Civil War Records
    This guide describes the state, federal and private records pertaining to Florida’s Civil War era (1860-1865) housed at the State Archives of Florida.


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Pre-Civil War
Civil War
Post-Civil War and Reconstruction
  • Edmund Cottle Weeks
    The nation’s existential crisis of civil war brought to the forefront many individuals who were mature, tested, and ready to act as leaders for both sides.
Examining the Civil War Documents


  • Florida’s Role in the Civil War
    Archivist Boyd Murphree discusses the variety of Civil War resources available on the Florida Memory website as well as additional collections housed in the State Library and Archives of Florida.

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