Florida in the Civil War

Lesson Plans

4th Grade Lesson Plans
  • Risking Their Lives for Salt
    (SS.4.A.1.1, SS.4.A.5.1, LAFS.4.RI.1.1, LAFS.4.RI.1.2, LAFS.4.RI.1.3, LAFS.4.RI.3.9, LAFS.4.RI.1.1, LAFS.K12.R.1.1)
    When supplies were cut off by the war, salt production became a crucial endeavor for citizens of Florida.
9-12th Grade Lesson Plans
  • The Battle of Natural Bridge: Evaluating Primary Sources
    (SS.912.A.3.13, LAFS.910.RH.1.1, LAFS.910.RH.1.2, LAFS.1112.RH.1.1, LAFS.1112.RH.1.2)
    The Battle of Natural Bridge, the last major skirmish of the American Civil War in Florida, was fought near present-day Woodville, Florida, on March 6, 1865.

Primary Source Sets

The primary source sets below contain materials integrated into the lesson plans, as well as supplementary documents and photos. Each set is accompanied by a Teacher’s Guide containing brief historical context, teaching suggestions, relevant NGSS and Florida Standards, and links to online resources.