Call and Brevard Family Papers

Notice To Researchers: The Call Family and Brevard Family Papers have been scanned in their entirety and are available for viewing on this site. The condition and legibility of the original documents vary, resulting in varying degrees of clarity in the digitized copies.

Brief History

Richard Keith Call (1792-1862) was territorial governor of Florida from 1835-1840 and again from 1841-1844. He was the son of William and Helen Meade Walker Call and the nephew of Richard Call, who served with distinction in the Revolutionary War. Call's own military service began in 1813 in the Creek War, where he met General Andrew Jackson and subsequently served as Jackson's aide de camp, beginning a lifelong friendship. He visited Florida with Jackson in 1814 and again in 1821 when Jackson established the new American territorial government there. He practiced law in Pensacola and later served as a member of the Legislative Council, delegate to Congress, receiver of the West Florida land office, brigadier general of the West Florida militia, and territorial governor.

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Richard Keith Call married Mary Kirkman (d. 1836) of Nashville, whose parents were enemies of Jackson and bitterly resisted the marriage. The Calls had two daughters, Ellen and Mary. Ellen Call married attorney Medicus Long, and together they had two surviving children, Richard Call Long and Eleanora K. Long. Three other children died young: Mary Louisa ("Mina") at age 8; Ellen Douglass at age 20 months; and son Hugh. Ellen Call Long was active in many civic organizations and activities, including Civil War and Confederate memorial efforts and the Women's Committee of the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia.

Mary Call married Theodore Washington Brevard, Jr., son of Judge Theodorus W. Brevard and Caroline E. Mays Brevard, and grandson of Alexander Brevard. Five of their seven children survived childhood and figure prominently in the Brevard Family Papers, including Caroline Mays Brevard ("Carrie"), Richard Call Brevard ("Call"), Jane Brevard ("Jennie"), Alice Brevard, and Ephraim Mays Brevard ("Ephy" or "Eppy"). Jane Brevard, later Jane Brevard Darby, was the mother of Mary Call Darby Collins, wife of Thomas LeRoy Collins, Governor of Florida from 1955-1961.