Executors' response to the petition of Anna M. J. Kingsley

Executors' response to the petition of Anna M. J. Kingsley Page 8

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Page 10 no loss by it as will appear by reference to Exhibit E. If the planting operations were to be contained on said plantation, then it became necessary to have an efficient and competent overseer to govern and manage between eighty and ninety slaves; and these respondents believe that the overseer employed by them is an efficient and competent person for that purpose, and is a skillful and successful planter; in addition to this he is the person whom the testator had employed himself as an overseer on said plantation and finding him there these respondents deemed the choice of the testator to be a safe guide for them and they have continued him as such overseer on said plantation since the death of said testator and have allowed him as compensation for his services form hundred dollars per annum which for a person of his qualifications as a planter and the services to be performed by him can scarcely be deemed unreasonable. He was allowed three hundred dollar by the testator who had at the same time another individual employed on another place of this called Drayton Island as an overseer at three hundred dollars per annum, who was afterwards discontinued by the respondents, and the slaves there were removed to San Jose: and the present overseer of San Jose plantation had the superintendence change and management of all the slaves of the Estate amounting in number to between eighty and ninety aforesaid. The respondent do not admit that the profit of the planting operation on said San Jose plantation have