Executors' response to the petition of Anna M. J. Kingsley

Executors' response to the petition of Anna M. J. Kingsley Page 13

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Page 18 loan it out upon such security as this court shall approve of, or deposit the same in any Bank which this Court shall name and subject to the order of this court until the several and conflicting claims against said Estate shall be finally closed and disposed of by a friendly and satisfactory arrangement among the parties, or by a decree of a Court of Equity in the premises, and they therefore pray that this court after settling the account of there administration now presented, will suspend further action or said petition and allow the respondents time to file a Bill in Equity for the purpose aforesaid, which they will do within such time as this court shall order and direct. These respondents further shew that the account now submitted for settlement does not contain charges for counsel fees in the suit of the said Martha Mc Neill and others to set aside the will of the testator, and by Anna M. Kingsley to recover certain slaves from these respondents as Executor aforesaid, because said professional services were rendered by the respondent B.A. Putnam as Counsel, who is willing to accept the same amount of compensation as charged by the counsel respect- -tively who asked in the first case as Counsel for the said George Kingsley and the said Petitioner Anna M. Kingsley, and in the last case as counsel for the Petitioner. And those respondents submit themselves to the Court in the premises. B.A. Putnam K.B. Gibbs