Executors' response to the petition of Anna M. J. Kingsley

Executors' response to the petition of Anna M. J. Kingsley Page 11

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Page 15 May 1845 for the recovery of ten of the Negroes which came into the possession of these respondents as Executors as aforesaid and were inventoried and appraised as the property of the said testator ; which said suit was afterwards transferred to the Circuit Court and was pending therein until May or June last when the same was tried and by the verdict of the Jury and judgment of the Court thereon, the petitioner received nine out of the ten slaves sued for; all which will appear by the record and proceedings of said suit in said Circuit Court on reference thereto, and they pray leave to refer thereto and to make the same on such part thereof as may be necessary and proper, a part of this their answer; and they also show that George Kingsley also one of the Legatee named in the will instituted a suit in said Court on or about the 6th May 1845 against these respon- -dents as Executors aforesaid for the recovery of about forty-three of the said slaves and also a suit against the respondent K.B. Gibbs for the recovery of the said San Jose plantation, and the respondents were obliged to file a Bill on the Chancery side of said Court against the said George Kingsley for discover relief and injunction, which said suit are now pending and undetermined in the said Circuit Court; all which will appear on reference to the records and proceedings in said suits in said Circuit Court and to which these respondents pray learn to refer and to make the same or such part thereof as many