Executors' response to the petition of Anna M. J. Kingsley

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Page 5 and they submit to this court the reason for their not having done so, and will rely on the same as sufficient to satisfy the Court that if they have committed an error they ought to be excused, and the reason they assign is that they saw published in the paper printed at Jacksonville, the following notice signed by the Hon. William F. Crabtree as Judge of the Probate Court of Duval County on the 27th of September 1845, which these respondents have extracted from said paper and here insert [newspaper clipping] Probate Court The office of the undersigned will be always open for the transaction of business within jurisdiction of his Court. All applications to him in his Judicial capacity, must be made either by petition or affidavit. On the first Monday in Oc- tober of every year, a regular Term of Court will be held for the settlement of accounts of Execu- tors, Administrators, Curators, and Guardians. Those failing to render their accounts on that day will forfeit their commissions. W.F. Crabtree Judge of Probate of Duval County Jacksonville, Sept. 27, 1845 [end of clipping] from which said notice the respondent believing that your Honor had fisced (fixed) upon the month of October of the month in which you had decided to hold a term of Court for the settlement of the accounts of Executors and ad- -ministrators, and intending to prepare the account of their administration of said Estate to be presented to this Court in October next when they believed a term of said Court would be held for Pro- -bate business, they omitted to take the necessary steps to present the said account until that time; but these respondents insist that if they have misapprehended Your Honor in this respect and have given a wrong con- -struction to the said notice so published as aforesaid in the Jacksonville paper they trust that this Court will see in the whole matter sufficient to excuse these respondents for not having filed the said accounts before and especially as no great length of time would elapse before the month