Executors' response to the petition of Anna M. J. Kingsley

Executors' response to the petition of Anna M. J. Kingsley Page 10

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Page 12 upon any case made out by the petitioner in her petition That neither of these respondents are insolvent or likely to be so; nor is their property encumbered in any way and jointly it can probably be shown that they are worth more than the value of the said Estate; They are not aware that they have been guilty of waste on mismanagement of said Estate, nor is there any such change in the petitioner petition. They have en- deavored to manage said Estate carefully and usefully to all concerned and submit whether the facts and circumstance do not fully show this. When they made the several Loans of monies aforesaid they were not only careful to obtain good and available securities for the same, but they also secured the payment of a higher rate of interest than the legal note, but which is allowed by Law to be taken on special agreement- the Legal rate of interest was at the time six per cent and they have secured the payment of eight per cent on said Loans, and besides have relieved the Estate from any expense of collecting said loans if resort to Legal measures should become necessary by the acquiring the borrower in almost every case to secure the estate against such expenses in the several securities taken by them as will appear by reference thereto. There is but a small amount of money not disposed of and not exceeding five hundred dollars, but kept for the neces- -sary purposes of the Estate in the hands of the re- -spondent K. B. Gibbs. These respondents further shew that they have