Executors' response to the petition of Anna M. J. Kingsley

Executors' response to the petition of Anna M. J. Kingsley Page 5

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Page 6 of October when they intended to present the said account for a settlement thereof, to this Honorable Court. These re- -spondents now in pursuance of the order and citation of the Honorable Court lately issued to them as Executors aforesaid respectfully submit the account of their admin- -istration of said Estate, herewith filed and marked Exhibit B, and prayed to be taken as part of this their answer to said petition and amendment thereto of the said petition; and they also file with this answer documents marked Exhibit C, D, E, and F and pray that the same be taken also as part of this their answer and to which they will hereafter refer in their answer as it may be necessary. These respondents further say that Exhibit B is the account current of these respondents and will show the balance in money found due from them to the Estate on their Last settlement before the County Court of Duval County sitting as a Probate Court, and also the amount in value according to the inventory and appraisement of the personal property, other than money, then in the hands of the respondents as Executors as aforesaid also, what sums of money have been received by them since and from what source: also, what money have been expended by them since for the Estate and for what purposes, and the balance now due from them to the Estate. That Exhibit C will show what moneys have been loaned out by these respondents from time to time, the date of said loans, at what rate of interest the persons to whom loaned and the securities taken