McLeod Diary

McLeod Diary



11 July

halted & put in Breast workes & we got to rest the [illegible] night but we were exposed some what to the Balls from the Yankee piqets & in the evening I was standing with my back to the enemy & a glancing ball hit me on my right heel. But it never broke the skin therefore it never hurt & at night it began to rain & about dark it slacked up & we left & we went


12 July

through Atlanta about 8 or 9 oclock & we went on up on the extreme right & traviled all night until about daylight & we stoped & drew Rations & rested some 2 or 3 hours & we went on 2 or 3 miles further & we formed our line of Battle and that was 22nd & we had 2 lines & we marched in the second line that is the 7th & 4th Regiments was on reserve in behind the 6th & 3rd & our Col. Bullock