McLeod Diary

McLeod Diary



7 July

rest and on the 20 I had a mess of peas for breakfast and about 9 oclock we were ordered to pack up and fall in lines. Some thought it was to give way on the left a little, and I started with my stakes to stretch my blanket with and we kep a going up the workes for some mile and a half or not so far and I threw down my stakes and went a little futher and we heard it was another charge and we stoped


July 8

and we were ordered to fill up our canteens and then we were ordered to take 20 extra rounds of cartridges and then we all new it was a charge & we were ordered to cross the Breast workes & we done so & we were ordered to forward & we started & in this time it was 10 or 11 oclock & a mity hot day & we went on awhile & we stoped & threw out our skirmishers