McLeod Diary

McLeod Diary



13 July

made us a good speech in regard to going in a fight & about 10 oclock we were ordered to forward & we done so & we had Creeks & Branches to wade’ & we pitched rite in like they were not their & I never got so hot in all my life. I liked to of failed & we went on some mile & we were stoped & a courier told Gen. Bates their was a large waggon train about one thousand yards of us & the


July 14

Yankees knew nothing of our where abouts & was not expecting us their & we were in their rear on their left flank & that placed us all with the thoughts of capturing 5 or 600 waggons and their supplies & we pitched in & about 11 oclock we pitched in or the Yankees rather pitched in to us for we had the worst place to get through I ever saw & I regt