McLeod Diary

McLeod Diary



9 July

we followed them & we marched on in line of battle & then we would march in column awhile & we kept up at such as that all day & the fighting was going on terrible on our left & it raged all day & we never got to charge the Yankees only our skirmishers & we got one man killed out of the Regt & 7 wounded & our Col. Comdg. Brige was drunk & he


July 10

was arrested & we got back to our Breast workes a little after night the worst [illegible] men you ever saw & we drew our Rations & we got a lot of tobacco & we lay down without eating or a part of us did & on the 21 we were up before day light and a marching to the Right again & we moved up some 3 or 4 miles & was halted & turned back & we went back some 2 miles and was