McLeod Diary

McLeod Diary



21 July

tried them again & drove them in our front or that is what I hear now & our men drove them back apeace & stoped & our loss was heavy & we went around to reenforce them & then we were ordered back to our ditches & we went back & went to bed or lay down & went to sleep & on the 29 we lay up all day & I went before the Board of examiners & was examined & the Board give me a few [illegible] to study & on the


July 22

30 I wrote J.R. Dean a letter in the morning 31st inowed out on reserve to rest & it rained & we never [got] our camp ground more than selected before we got orders to move on the extreme left & we started & went a half mile & was turned back & we went back to our camp & staid all night & on the 1st of August was Monday & we started & went down on the extreme left & it a raining & we got