First Baptist Church

  • Demonination: Baptist
  • Pastor: F.C. McConnell
  • Race/Ethnicity: White
  • County: Duval
  • City: Jacksonville
  • Date: 1838

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First Baptist Church

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Florida Baptist Convention
Board of Missions, Training and Evangelism
Rogers Building – 218 West Church Street
Jacksonville, Florida

Office of
Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Rose Shepard
April 2, 1936
Interview #43
Report No. 5


Mrs. J.M. Aldridge, Church Secretary
Church and Hogan Sts.
Jacksonville, Florida

The First Baptist Church is one of the earlier incorporated Churches of Jacksonville, but had no record of its early history. The following facts were gleaned from an interview with

3110 Oak St.
Jacksonville, Florida,

an early member, and a Baptist whose lineage extends to the First Baptist Church established in Massachusetts in 1635, one her ancestors, a Mr. Tyler, of the "Plymouth Rock Coloney" being one of the founders.

Mrs. West has copied this history verbatim from a written record compiled by Rev. W.A. Hobson in 1907, who was at that time Pastor of the First Baptist Church:

"The First Baptist Church in Jacksonville was established in July, 1838, by Rev. James McDonald and Rev. Ryan Frier. Mr. Frier was State Missionary at that time.

"There were six charter members: Rev. James McDonald and wife, Elias Jaudon and wife, and two colored persons: Peggy, a slave of Elias Jaudon, and Bacchus, a slave of William Edwards. Rev. James McDonald was the founder of the church, and Elias G. Jaudon, the first Deacon.

"At this time, there were only two other Churches, the Episcopal Church and the Catholic Church.