First Baptist Church

  • Denomination: Baptist
  • Pastor: F.C. McConnell
  • Race/Ethnicity: White
  • County: Duval
  • City: Jacksonville
  • Established: 1838

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First Baptist Church

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16. a. Date present building erected: 1904

(b) Date dedicated by this church: None

c. Date consecrated by this church: None

d. If unable to give (b) or (c), give date of first service of this church in building: 1904

(e) If this building remodeled, give date: No

(f) Give dates of any additions: None

17. (a) Description, architecture (if any definite style), material used, color, form of building:

Rectangular, Gothic style architecture; constructed of Bedford stone ?, natural color.

(b) Special features, as cornerstone, art glass or memorial windows, bell, pipe organ, famous paintings, alter service, etc.:

Pipe organ valued $35,000; beautiful memorial stained glass windows; has an inscribed corner-stoned laid Feb. 3, 1902.

18. Official tittle clergyman (rector, priest-in-charge, pastor, etc.): Pastor

19. a. First settled clergyman: Rev. James McDonald
Dates of tenure: 1838-1846
Education: Indeterminate

b. Earliest known clergyman (If item a is uncontainable): Rev. Ryan Frier (Missionary Minister)
Dates of tenure: 1837-1838
Education: Indeterminate

c. Present clergyman: Rev. F.C. McConnell, D.D.
Dates of tenure: 1929--
Education: Baylor College, Waco, Texas; Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Ky.
Address: 1610 Donald St., Jacksonville, Fla.

20. Unpublished historical sketches (author, title, period covered, date written, location, -- note if written in one of church record books): None

21. Published histories, historical sketches, or directories, (author, title, published, place and date of publication, number of pages, location.):

T. Fredericks Davis, "History of Jacksonville and Vicinity" 1513-1925, 3pp. 401-403, published by the Florida Historical Society, at the Records Company, St. Augustine, Florida, 1925. Total number of pages in vol. 635, located in Jacksonville Public Library.