First Baptist Church

  • Denomination: Baptist
  • Pastor: F.C. McConnell
  • Race/Ethnicity: White
  • County: Duval
  • City: Jacksonville
  • Established: 1838

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First Baptist Church

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WPA Form 20 HR FLORIDA Revision
Worker’s Full Name: J.T. Gregory, Vera L. Faucette, J.A. Flood
Date: 7/8/37

[added note] Transposed by Florence Bailey 7/19/38 [end note]

[added note] Transferred form 307 [end note]


Fill in each item, or state in items for which information is not available, sources contacted in attempting to secure information.

1. County: Duval

2. City or town: Jacksonville

3. Exact name of church: First Baptist Church

4. Street address, R.F.D. route, or description of location: N.E. corner of Hogan and Church Streets

5. Race of membership: White

6. Language of services: English

7. Denomination (full title): Southern Baptist Convention

8. Names and locations of denominational bodies – national, state, district, etc. – in descending order of importance:

Southern Baptist Convention, Nashville, Tenn.
Florida Baptist Convention, Jacksonville, Fla.
Jacksonville Baptist Association

9. Date church organized: 1838

10. Dates of lapse, if now defunct: None

11. Is church incorporated?: Yes

12. If so, give date of incorporation: 1913

13. Original name of church (if name has changed) and date of change: Bethel Baptist, 1838-1866; Tabernacle, 1867-1892; present name 1892--.

14. Name of local parent church (if any) from which organized of split: None

15. Information on all previous buildings used for services, since, organization, specifying location and dates used:

1838-1840, Government Block House, corner Ocean and Monroe Streets; second building, 1840-1846. Duval and Newnan Streets; brick church in LaVilla 1846-1861; church erected on Church Street between Hogan and Julia Streets, 1861-1892; 1892-1901 services held in building at present location; church burned in 1901; rebuilt at back of lot and used until 1904 when the present building was completed.