The Church of God

  • Demonination: Conventional Holiness
  • Pastor: J.M Bradley
  • Race/Ethnicity: White
  • County: Okeechobee
  • City: Okeechobee
  • Date: 1925

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The Church of God

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11. Record books of Sunday School or other organization:

1925--, 3 vols., kept by secretary of the Sunday School, R.L. Mixon, at this home. Vols. show dates of meetings, members, and mention special occasions.

12. Financial records, if separate: None

13. Unpublished historical sketches: (give author, title, date when written, and note if written in one of the record books): None

14. Published histories or historical sketches or directories, etc.: (give author, title, place and date of publication): None

15. Other records, miscellaneous manuscript material, etc.: None

16. Indicate by check condition of records: Poor
Excellent ( )
Good ( )
Poor ( X )
Very poor ( )

17. Other information, particularly as to the origins, history, and previous names of the church:

This church is very active. Information was furnished by Rev. J.M. Bradley, clergyman in charge, 1935-1937.