Bethel Baptist Institutional Church

  • Demonination: Baptist
  • Pastor: John E. Ford
  • Race/Ethnicity: African-American
  • County: Duval
  • City: Jacksonville
  • Date: 1838

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Bethel Baptist Institutional Church

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Item 15, continued. Bethel Baptist Institutional Church is the oldest and largest of its denomination in the city and from it has come a number of churches as an extension of its missionary influence. This is noted from the fact that so many carry the name of the mother church, designating themselves by location only. The institutional activities of this church are very effectively acknowledged by the people of the city at the present time. Membership 2000, area covered including parsonage, 1 acre.

Item 22 (d) continued: November 19, 1894, number of docket 5055, written by clerk of Circuit Court, P.D. Cassidy, assisted by E.C. Clark, deputy clerk; kept by the pastor at his home, 1220 Hogan Street; 4 insurance policies, two on church, one for physical assets and equipment’s, one for building and grounds. The same provisions are made on parsonage for furnishings, interior, and building; located in the vault of the Afro American Insurance Company, 105 E. Union Street, City.