Bethel Baptist Institutional Church

  • Demonination: Baptist
  • Pastor: John E. Ford
  • Race/Ethnicity: African-American
  • County: Duval
  • City: Jacksonville
  • Date: 1838

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Bethel Baptist Institutional Church

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Bethel Baptist Institutional Church
Northwest corner Hogan and Caroline Streets.

Item 15: This was the third site of Bethel Baptist Church and white and colored people worshipped here until the Civil War, when the building was used as a storehouse. At the close of the War the colored people continued to use the church but split amongst themselves and went to court with the white part of the congregation and in a suite against them was awarded $800. and the name of Bethel Baptist Church, and in 1868 built at the corner of Pine (Main) and Union Streets. In 1895 this building was displaced by a new church which was used until the fire in 1901. Bought site at the corner of Hogan and Caroline Streets right after the fire and built a temporary tabernacle to worship in while constructing the present building which was completed in 1904. (continued on next page)

Item 22(a) continued: by the board of Deacons from 1889--, however, no information other than what has been stated could be obtained from him in regard to these records. The same applies to the Deaconess Board minutes, no information was divulged.

Item 22(b) continued: condition good. Prior records are kept but no information was given in regard to them.

(Membership); 1925--; 1 vol.; this is in book form separate from the above-described record and contains the clerk’s RECORD OF membership, showing dates joined, name, address, from what church, location of church, form of admission, district member assigned to, and amount of pledge; located in the church office, northwest corner of Hogan and Caroline Streets; condition fair. There are prior records but no information regarding them was divulged.

Item 22 (c) continued: reports of the finance committee as pertaining to collections, no disbursements shown; located in church office, northwest corner of Hogan and Caroline Streets. Condition good. Prior records are kept but no information was divulged concerning them.

"Church Treasury"; 1934-1935; 2 vols.; one volume contains a record of collections, and one volume contains a record of disbursements, these reports seem to summarize some of the financial accounts as reported in "Auditors Report"; located in church office described above; condition good. No information divulged regarding prior or subsequent records.

Financial Account SE Ledger"; 1909-1915; this record contains a record of receipts and disbursements; located in church office as described above; condition poor. No information was divulged regarding prior or subsequent records.