Bethel Baptist Institutional Church

  • Denomination: Baptist
  • Pastor: John E. Ford
  • Race/Ethnicity: African-American
  • County: Duval
  • City: Jacksonville
  • Established: 1838

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Bethel Baptist Institutional Church

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16. a. Date present building erected: 1904

(b) Date dedicated by this church: April 25, 1905

c. Date consecrated by this church: None

d. If unable to give (b) or (c), give date of first service of this church in building: April 25, 1905

(e) If this building remodeled, give date: None

(f) Give dates of any additions: 1915

17. (a) Description, architecture (if any definite style), material used, color, form of building:

Elaborately constructed building with three entrances basement, main auditorium, several auxiliary rooms, and gallery. Architecture is of Renaissance and Mission type; material used is artificial stone and wood interior; color is a dark gray; no definite shape, though more of a circular form, deviating in many instances.

(b) Special features, as cornerstone, art glass or memorial windows, bell, pipe organ, famous paintings, alter service, etc.:

There are 70 art glass windows, a bell, memorial windows, pipe organ, and paintings of several former pastors. Altar service consist of individual glass sacrament glasses, several wafer plates. The deacons received their communion from individual silver glasses especially received for them, no cornerstone.

18. Official tittle clergyman (rector, priest-in-charge, pastor, etc.): Pastor

[added note?] (Mixed congregation) Rev. James McDonald (white) 1838--? [end note]

19. a. First settled clergyman: Rev. Cataline Simmons
Dates of tenure: 1868-1880 (after split)
Education: Unknown

b. Earliest known clergyman (If item a is uncontainable):
Dates of tenure:

c. Present clergyman: Rev. John E. Ford
Dates of tenure: 1907--
Education: University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill., A.B.; University of Denver, Denver Colorado, M.A.; Morgan Park Theological Seminary, B.D.
Address: 1220 Hogan Street, Jacksonville, Florida

20. Unpublished historical sketches (author, title, period covered, date written, location, -- note if written in one of church record books):

Rev. John E. Ford, author; title: "Bethel Baptist Institutional Church", Dennis Publishing Co., Jacksonville, Florida, published as directories in 1920 and 1924, 50 pages and 60 pages, respectively. Rev. John E. Ford, author; title: Points of Differentation Between Baptist and Other Denominations"; Baptist Publishing Board, Nashville, Tenn., 1936; 75 pages. The above described material is located in church library.

21. Published histories, historical sketches, or directories, (author, title, published, place and date of publication, number of pages, location.):

Item 21 is answered under Item 20. There are no unpublished historical sketches as noted in Item 20.