Pamphlet advertising Jacksonville and the Florida Union

Pamphlet advertising Jacksonville and the Florida Union



[right column - advertisements]

Florida Land Agency
L.F. Dewey & Co.,
Real Estate Brokers.
office on Bay Street,
Jacksonville, Fla.
J.S. Sammis, Esq C.B., Wilder, Esq.
N.E. Emigrant Aid Co., Boston, Mass.
Our facilities for negotiating sales of Florida Lands are
Special attention given to the management of Estates
of non-residents.
City property bought, sold and rented.
A circular, giving full instructions to those wishing to
place their property on the market, will be sent on receipt
of a stamp to prepay postage.
Information as to Plantations or other real estate in
Florida will be furnished on application, either personally
or by letter.
Florida Land Agency!
80 acre farm!
One mile from Jacksonville, 40 cleared, well adapted to
the cultivation of garden vegetables and small fruits. -
House 16x30, 50 fruit trees - Pear and Peach; also a large
number of young Orange trees. Price 2,000.

A Fine Place
on the St. John's 4 miles from Jacksonville, contains 40
acres, 12 cleared; new House with 4 rooms; several
hundred grape vines are growing on the place - Concords,
Delewares [sic] and other small fruits in abundance. Price

A 50 Acre Place,
adjoining the former, 3 acres cleared. The place is
finely watered by a running stream. The land is chiefly
hammock and admirably adapted to the cultivation of
fruit. Price $800.

A Tract of Land,
on the Florida Railroad, near Fernandina, containing
about 6,000 acres uncleared - Pine and Hammock. Price
$20,000. Apply to

L.F. Dewey, & Co.,
Real Estate Brokers
Jacksonville, Fla.

[right column - advertisements]

Florida Agency
of the
New England
Emigrant Aid Company,
Jacksonville, Fla.
Principal Office:
49 Tremont Street, Boston Massachusetts.
T.B. Forbush, Secretary.

Florida Agency:
Ocean Street, (over the Post-Office), Jacksonville, Fla.,
Edward M. Cheney, Agent.

Proprietors of Lands,
in Florida, in large or small parcels, wishing to find purchasers
or settlers for the same can apply at this office
personally or by letter.
Persons residing out of the State who may desire information
or advice as to the purchase, sale or settlement
of lands in Florida, with a view to emigrating to this
State or for the purpose of investing capital safety, and
profitably, can apply to the Company in Boston, or
Edward M. Cheney,
Jacksonville, Fla.
All letters requiring an answer must enclose the proper stamps.

Savings Bank!

The National Freedman's Savings and
Trust Company

Chartered by Congress.
Principal Office, Washington, D.C.

The Bank in Jacksonville,
Fla., is located on Bay Street, where
Deposits will be received and Drafts paid.
Interest allowed on all sums of Five Dollars and upwards:
but deposits of One Dollar are received.
Bank Hours, 10 A. M. to 1 P.M.
N.C. Dennett
May 18, '67 - Cashier


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0025


Advertisement describing the services of the Florida Land Agency, including a list of lands available for sale.