Pamphlet advertising Jacksonville and the Florida Union

Pamphlet advertising Jacksonville and the Florida Union


The Florida Union,
is published every Saturday Morning
Jacksonville, Florida.

The "Florida Union" is one of the best weekly papers published
in the south. It contains, in addition to its general intelligence,
very full local news of a character particularly valuable
to persons desirous of obtaining information concerning Florida;
and one or more carefully prepared articles in every number upon
its soil, climate, or productions; its inducements to settlers, and
its advantages as a temporary or permanent residence.

It also contains a reliable meteorological record for each week;
the state of the markets, retail prices of vegetables and provisions,
and all other information of use or value to persons, desirous of
removing to the state.

Politically, the "Union" represents the Republican party of
Florida. It is an earnest advocate of the immediate reconstruction
of the state in accordance with the Congressional policy and the
principles of the National Republican party. It also labors to develope [sic]
the natural resources of the state; to invite a healthy immigration
and to educate and elevate all its people regardless of race or color.

Mail subscribers, single copy, One Year $3.00
" " " Six Months 2.00
" " " Three " 1.00
Subscriptions payable strictly in advance.

Sample copies mailed to any address on receipt of 10 cents.
More practical information regarding Florida can be obtained
by subscribing to the "Union" than in any other manner.
Edward M. Cheney
Jacksonville, July 1, 1867 Editor & Publisher.


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0025


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