A Trip to Fort Caroline

A Trip to Fort Caroline


  • A Trip to Fort Caroline

Published Date

  • published 1940


The French captain answered, "We came from France and are
bringing soldiers and supplies to a fort in this country which belongs to
our king."

"Are you Catholic or Huguenot?" asked Mendendez.

"We are Huguenots and Jean Ribaut is our General," the captain
replied. Then the captain asked Menendez the same questions.

"I am Pedro Menendez, the Commander," called out Menendez.
"This is the fleet of the King of Spain. He has sent me here to destroy
the French Huguenots."

Menendez gave orders for his ships to draw nearer to the French
but before his ships could get started the French pulled up their anchors
and sailed away. Their ships were faster than the Spanish so they were
soon safe from harm."

"Hurrah!" shouted Earl. "What did Menendez do then?"

"Well, he sailed on up the river but when he saw what a strong
defense the French had at Fort Caroline he went back to St. Augustine."

Earl and Uncle Henry walked on slowly between the trees as Earl
asked, "Did Ribaut go after Menendez?"

"He certainly did! As soon as he heard what had happened he
selected most of his best men and set sail to attack Mendendez.

"Now Menendez learned about Ribaut's plan from some Indian scouts