A Trip to Fort Caroline

A Trip to Fort Caroline


  • A Trip to Fort Caroline

Published Date

  • published 1940


"No, when King Philip of Spain heard about the French colony at
Fort Caroline he was very angry. He felt that Florida belonged to Spain
because many Spanish leaders, including Ponce de Leon, Narvaez, and
De Soto had been here before the French. King Philip was not so much
concerned about establishing colonies but he was very anxious to protect
his rich treasure fleets which sailed along the coast of Florida. He was
afraid the French at Fort Caroline might attack his boats and seize his
gold and silver."

"What did King Philip do?"

"Well, when he heard that Ribaut was going to Florida with a
fleet to strengthen Fort Caroline he asked Pedro Menendez, Captain
General of his treasure fleets, to get up an expedition to destroy Fort
Caroline and fortify the coast of Florida. Menendez hastened to make
ready and arrived at St. Augustine the same day that Ribaut arrived at
Fort Caroline."

Leaning against the trunk of a huge cedar Earl inquired anxiously,
"Did Menendez then destroy Fort Caroline?"

"No," replied Uncle Henry. "After a few days rest he heard from
the Indians that Ribaut had just arrived at Fort Caroline so he decided to
go at once and attack him. He found the French fleet anchored at the
mouth of the St. Johns River. He came nearer and the fleets exchanged
salutes. Then Menendez asked, "From whence does your fleet come, and
what are you doing here?"