A Trip to Fort Caroline

A Trip to Fort Caroline


  • A Trip to Fort Caroline

Published Date

  • published 1940



It was Earl's first visit to Florida. This was to be a great day, he
and his Uncle Henry were going on an exploring trip.

Earl liked to hear stories of Indians and battles so he was very
happy when his uncle said, "Let's go down the river to-day to St. Johns
Bluff and visit the place where Fort Caroline once stood."

Earl had an idea that Indians and battles might be connected with
the story of an old fort so he said, "Oh, that will be fun, Uncle Henry!
Will you tell me th
e story of the fort and are we going in your motor
"One question at a time, young man. Yes, we will go in the
motor boat and I will tell you the story as we go down the river."
Aunt Sue packed a nice lunch for them and soon they were in the
boat on their way down the river.

"Uncle Henry, why was it called Fort Caroline?" quizzed Earl as
he let his hands play in the cool refreshing water while he held them over
the edge of the boat.

"Because," replied Uncle Henry, "the king of France at that time
was Charles IX, and the fortress was named in honor of him."

"What did France have to do with it?"