A Trip to Fort Caroline

A Trip to Fort Caroline


  • A Trip to Fort Caroline

Published Date

  • published 1940


of Menendez's men. After some discussion the Frenchmen thought that if
they surrendered their lives would be spared but, alas!, this was not so.
Menendez had them taken across the Inlet, ten at a time, and all of these
who were not Catholics were slain. One man, who was left for dead,
revived and escaped during the night. Some Indians cared for him and
finally he reached France and told the sad story of the massacre."

"Did Menendez go back to Spain?"

"Not just yet. In the meantime Fort Caroline had caught fire and
was completely destroyed. Menendez returned there and had it rebuilt.
He changed its name to San Mateo. After his colony was well
established and he had fortified it by building two blockhouses at the
mouth of the St. Johns River he returned to Spain."

Earl remained quiet for some time. He looked longingly down
the river as if to visualize the fort and blockhouses. Finally, he asked
"Did the French ever come back to Fort Caroline?"

"Yes, there was a brave young Frenchmen by the name of Dominic
de Gourges, who had at one time been a captive galley slave of the Spanish.
When he heard Ribaut and his brave men had been so mercilessly
slaughtered he was very angry and decided to avenge them. He sold his
own land, borrowed money, and fitted out an exposition. He landed near
the place where Fernandina is now located. The Indians there hated the
Spanish, so De Gourges soon secured guides to lead him against Fort