South Florida Butterflies

South Florida Butterflies


  • South Florida Butterflies

Published Date

  • published 1941


the underside looks like a leaf on a tree. Such a butterfly is the Annona
portia found in Miami gardens. It is reddish-orange when flying, but
looks like a dead leaf when resting.

"Butterflies of south Florida are much brighter in color than those
from the northern part of our country. Naturalists, people who study all
about the different things of nature, travel long distances to come to
south Florida and Miami to study butterfly life.

"Some afternoon, Peggy Ann, we are going to visit a 'butterfly
lady' who lives in Miami and has been collecting butterflies for the past
twenty years. She has butterflies from all over the United States as well
as from the tropical countries of South America.

"In Miami and south Florida are a hundred different kinds of
butterflies, some of which you can see in our garden on any sunny day.
Some are large and showy, like our visitor the giant swallowtail, with
wings like soft brown velvet, spotted in cream and yellow.

"There are many butterflies of burnt-orange and golden-yellow
color, very much like the orange-sulphur butterflies that came to our party.