South Florida Butterflies

South Florida Butterflies


  • South Florida Butterflies

Published Date

  • published 1941


"That butterfly," said her mother, "is called the giant swallowtail.
It is often seen in south Florida, and is one of the most beautiful of all

"Tell me more about, mother."

"All right, deer. Butterflies belong to what is known as the
animal kingdom, the same as we do, only they belong to that part of it
known as the insect family. All insects have jointed bodies and are said
to have outside skeletons.

"The bodies of butterflies are in three parts: the head, the middle
part, called the thorax, and the last part, called the abdomen.

"You saw the two large eyes on each side of the head. These
eyes are like tiny, tiny lenses and gather light from all directions. So
butterflies can look forward, backward, upward and downward, as well
as outward, all at one time.

"Between the eyes are the long thread-like feelers with a wee
knob on each end. These are not really 'feelers' but are used as organs of
smell. The correct name for them is antennae.

"The mouth, or pumping tongue, is placed between the eyes and
the antennae. This mouth or tongue is called the proboscis