South Florida Butterflies

South Florida Butterflies


  • South Florida Butterflies

Published Date

  • published 1941



Peggy Ann lived in a pink house with green shutters and a red tile
roof. The house stood in a tropical garden with pink and white oleanders
and scarlet hibiscus. Stretching around the house was a velvety green
lawn, and winding down to the sandy shores of Biscayne Bay was a
coral rook road.

In a sunken rock pool, by the house, Peggy Ann and her dog Toto
could watch the gold fish come out from under the water lilies. Nearby,
in the shade of a golden shower tree, was a red table with four little
chairs. Here Peggy Ann and her friends often played "grownups," and
had "tea."

Peggy Ann loved this garden and always came straight home
from school so that she could play a lot before supper. Most of the time
she was a happy, gay little girl. One day in May she came home very
thrilled indeed.

"Listen mother," she said, "our teacher told us we should study
more about the wonders of nature, such as birds, and moths, and
butterflies, bees and ants, and even snails. You know how I love birds
and flowers, and the beautiful butterflies and I want so much to know
more about them."

"That's splendid, deer, run along and put on your sun suit and
meet me out under the golden shower tree. We are going to have a
'butterfly tea party'."