South Florida Butterflies

South Florida Butterflies


  • South Florida Butterflies

Published Date

  • published 1941


and is carefully formed to go down into the cups of the flowers and
draw up the sweet liquid, the same as our great butterfly drank the juice
of the banana. When not in use, this little tongue coils up like a watch
spring and is hidden under small hairy pouches on each side.

"The middle part of the body, or thorax, carries the four wings
for flying and the six feet for resting. The legs of butterflies are in three
pairs and each leg has five parts. Strange as it may seem, butterflies hear
through little pores or openings in the legs.

"Butterflies never breathe through the mouth, but through the
abdomen, where little organs are used as lungs."

Suddenly Peggy Ann noticed that other guests were coming to
the party. As she and her mother watched, two orange butterflies, with
yellow spots on the upper wings, sailed out of the blue above like small
golden airplanes. Peggy Ann and her mother were very quiet as the
butterflies alighted on the dish and began sucking up some of the juice.

"These butterflies," whispered Peggy's mother, "are called
orange-sulphur, and are very common in Florida.

"Do they always play, mother?"