Fifty Years of Group Medicine In Tampa, Florida

Fifty Years of Group Medicine In Tampa, Florida


  • Fifty Years of Group Medicine In Tampa, Florida

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  • published 1941


of cash and credit with a private doctor, can go to the society's physicians
or hospital at the first sign of a serious malady for treatment.

It is moreover cited by group spokesmen that their services save
the city a large amount of money each year by treating those who would
otherwise become public charges.

By 1911 the Centro Espanol society had outgrown its original club-
house and began the building of a new one in Ybor City at a cost of
$90,000. At the same time, many members living in West Tampa, a newer
Latin colony two miles from Ybor City, complained that it was too far for
them to go to Ybor City for their social evenings, so a second clubhouse
was built in West Tampa at a cost of $80,000. Both were completed and
dedicated on the same day in 1912. Juan Riano Gayangos, Spanish
ambassador to the United States, assisted at the elaborate ceremonies.

The club's first hospital was built in a bayshore suburb four miles
from the Latin centers, partly to get away from city noise and partly
because of the scenic beauty of the site, which overlooked the bay and
afforded a refreshing view of passing vessels and fine landscaped estates
nearby. But the location proved inconvenient for patients needing only
temporary or emergency treatment. Therefore, in 1922 Centro Espanol
established an emergency hospital and clinic in the heart of Ybor City and
another in West Tampa under the name of La Beneficia Espanola, and