Fifty Years of Group Medicine In Tampa, Florida

Fifty Years of Group Medicine In Tampa, Florida


  • Fifty Years of Group Medicine In Tampa, Florida

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  • published 1941


white co-workers to pursue their trade in the factories here, and in 1900
formed a club of their own called La Union Marti-Maceo, with social-
fraternal functions and groups medicine as its objects. The name honored
two heroes of the Cuban Revolution, Jose Marti, writer and patriot, and
Antonio Maceo, a mulatto military leader of the revolutionary forces. In
1909 the organization built an $18,000 clubhouse as a recreational and
social center. This society provides medical aid on the same group plan as
those owning hospitals, by contract with other medical institutions. This
association furnishes its members with necessary medical and hospital care
for dues averaging 50 cents a week per member. In prosperous times La
Union Marti-Maceo has had upward of 500 members, but by 1939 its
membership had considerably fallen off.

A second Italian club with social and group medicine features
was founded in 1910 under the name of Societa Di Mutuo Socorso Italia
(Italian Society for Mutual Aid). It now has 400 members and a
clubhouse, built in 1936 at a cost of $10,000. It provides medical care
by contract with other hospitals and clinics for dues approximating those
of similar societies.

In addition to the Latin clubs which have both social and medical
benefit departments, there are several privately operated medical co-
operatives in the Latin districts with clinics and small hospitals
conducted by one or more physicians. Among these are Buena Publica
Clinic, La Popular Bondad Hospital, La mas Popular Society, Instituto