Fifty Years of Group Medicine In Tampa, Florida

Fifty Years of Group Medicine In Tampa, Florida


  • Fifty Years of Group Medicine In Tampa, Florida

Published Date

  • published 1941


has 60 beds, medical and surgical departments, X-ray equipment,
pharmacy, contagious and psychopathic wards, seven full-time doctors,
and a staff of nurses and other employees. It is entirely self-supporting
through membership dues plus funds derived from benefit
entertainments given by the club, and a limited amount received from
non-member patients treated.

The first medical director of Centro Espanol hospital was Dr. J.
R. Avellanal, a physician and surgeon from Havana, Cuba. He was an
honor graduate of the medical department of the University of Havana,
and had a brother who was a justice of the Supreme Court of Cuba.

For monthly dues of $1.50 members were entitled to all social
and recreational privileges of the clubhouse as well as full medical care,
including home and clinical treatment, medicines, hospitalization and
operations. As one member put it, "There were no 'extra' charges for
this, that and the other, as in most other hospitals." The same
membership fees and services have continued to prevail except that
services have been improved continually.

The functions of the club are administered by a board composed
of the president, two vice-presidents, treasurer, secretary and 32
directors, all of whom are elected by the membership at large. Half the
directors are elected for two-year and half for one-year terms. The board
is divided into a number of committees, each of which supervises a
separate department.